Visualization of regions of electromagnetic wave-plasma interactions surrounding the Earth

Researchers have investigated wave-particle interactions between energetic electrons and chorus waves evolving in the space surrounding the Earth using the scientific satellite Arase and, simultaneously, transient auroral flashes by the ground-based global observation network. The investigation visualized asymmetric spatial development of wave-particle interaction regions on the order of sub-seconds. This is expected to contribute to the safe and secure exploration of space by establishing hazard maps of the space electromagnetic environment.

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Image: “Schematic illustration of coordinated observation using the scientific satellite Arase and PWING, a ground-based observation network. Through detailed observation by the scientific satellite Arase in the magnetosphere and observation of aurorae along geomagnetic field lines from the ground, it is possible to investigate and capture the spatial distribution of generation regions of wave-particle interactions. Credit: (c) JAXA

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